LCA Creative is the design arm of London Communications Agency. Our team are experts at designing content across web, social and print channels. We have a vast amount of experience working with developers in the London built environment, historically providing creative for public consultation events and more recently developing enhanced digital engagement tools. 

We work closely with our LCA colleagues to help them deliver across all our four cores services: Consultation & Planning Permission; Corporate & Public Affairs; Consumer & Lifestyle; as well as Design for Print & Digital.

Our services comprise:

Brochures & Reports

Using emotive imagery and design to suit the subject matter, we create layouts that are easy to read and interesting to look at. Attention is given to typography, space and iconography to confidently express the content.

Web Design

As designers we are able to look at the creative side of a website as well as its functionality, to deliver a highly functioning site with the intentions of the user in mind, fully responsive to any device.

Social Media Content & Digital Advertising

The power of social media and digital advertising is undeniable. It allows you to speak to your community, enhance your brand and dramatically increase your reach. Working with our in-house social team, we produce digital content for all channels, developing simple static graphics right through to animated gifs and videos.

Digital Engagement Platforms

LCA has developed and uses digital tools to help clients engage with the public for years. We offer a virtual exhibition website that can host a wealth of consultation and video material and integrate several engagement tools such as 360 images, interactive maps and online surveys.

Exhibition & Event Materials

In addition to the bespoke consultation website, we offer a full public consultation package to support community engagement, producing flyers, press adverts, exhibition boards, comments cards, display panels, signage and any other materials required.

Video & Animation

We produce for our clients engaging video content, from first concept and story-boarding to scripting, filming, editing and post-production.

Infographics & Iconography

Data doesn’t always have to be shown in bar charts and spreadsheets. We enjoy transforming lifeless statistics into unique and visually appealing stories.

Visual Identity & Branding

Having a strong identity for a scheme or development can make a real difference in conveying a message and creating the right impression. We develop brand concepts, progressed through to a final logo and artwork and a full brand guidelines document, which is then applied across other materials.


On screen presentations can often look dull and overloaded with text. An audience is better captured with thought-driven imagery and graphics. We prepare engaging presentations or presentation templates for clients and projects.